When you can and can’t return a car you’ve bought


Buyer’s remorse happens to all of us – but what do you do when you have second thoughts about your new car?

Dealerships usually do not process returns, but some instances may allow you to replace your purchased Vehicle or get a refund.


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The Federal Trade Commission established a cooling-off rule to give consumers three days to cancel certain sales registered at customers’ home, dorm, and workplace, or at the seller’s temporary location, Forbes Report.

The cooling-off rule will only apply to automotive purchases if your seller has at least one certain location.

This cooling-off rule specifics could put online car buyers out of luck.

There are lots of automotive sales companies that are completely remote.

Dealerships required by law to provide customers with the opportunity to cancel a sales contract may refer to this practice as a cooling-off period money-back guarantee or no-questions-asked return.

But at times you can count on getting returns.

Lemon Law protects consumers from defective cars.

Lemon’s Law applies when at least one manufacturing defect substantially affects the safety, value or utility of the car.

As Forbes reports, dealerships will make certain repair attempts before Lemon is activated.

Lemon Law applicants need to prove these issues.

Streamline your Lemon Law approval by keeping a record of problems and repairing appointments.

Lemon law practices vary by state.

new jersey The US state with the highest quality lemon law guidelines is, auto protection Report.

Other dealers make things even simpler with their return policies, such as CarMax’s 30-day return policy, reports Forbes.

If you don’t fall under these requirements, try:

  • refinancing your car loan
  • Sell your car
  • consult a lawyer
  • Voluntarily getting your car repossessed

It is generally easier to return a new car versus an older one.

Lemon Law protects consumers from broken new cars


Lemon Law protects consumers from broken new carscredit: getty


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