Which direction should your ceiling fan rotate in the summer?


SUMMER is officially here, which means it’s time to tan and sip iced coffee by the pool.

It also means a lot of heat, which is why some may need the help of a ceiling fan.


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In which direction should the fan be turned in summer?

Although many people may not consider the ceiling fan direction, there is actually a specific direction you should choose according to the season, per SaveOne Energy,

During the hot summer months, the blades of the ceiling fan should be turned counterclockwise.

When the fan operates in this specific direction, it helps to push the air down and cool the surrounding area.

The counterclockwise direction also helps maintain the temperature throughout the day, meaning there is no need to run the air conditioner 24/7.

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Despite the heat, if used well, ceiling fans can help cool the surface and conserve energy and money.

In which direction should your fan rotate in winter?

When it’s cold outside, your ceiling fan changes direction.

Instead of running it counterclockwise, it needs to be rotated clockwise.

Using a ceiling fan instead of a heater can save up to 15 percent on bills, which is a huge help both financially and energy-wise.

When rotated clockwise, the ceiling fan can project heat from the furnace and maintain a warm temperature throughout the area.

Ceiling fans should be running slowly in a clockwise direction in winter, and this hack can help you save energy and move warm air throughout your home.

How do you change the direction of your ceiling fan?

Ceiling fans are a great way to save some energy and maintain the comfort throughout your home.

You can easily change the direction of your ceiling fan with a few easy steps.

First, your fan needs to be completely turned off.

From there, you can try to find a reverse switch on the ceiling fan.

Most ceiling fans have a switch that can easily change the direction of the blades.

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There may also be a remote that comes with a reverse switch, which you can press down firmly and wait until it lights up.

With more modern fans, you can even change direction through your smartphone app.


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