Why has my child benefit been reduced?


Child benefits are paid to anyone with children up to age 16, or 20 if they remain in education.

Millions of parents receive Benefit Every year that can add up to hundreds of pounds of income.


Parents can expect a change in the date of payment for child benefitscredit: getty

benefit is Value of £21.80 for the eldest child and £14.45 for subsequent children each week.

Child benefits are usually paid on a Monday or Tuesday every four weeks.

But if you’re a single parent or receiving some other benefit like income support, you can have weekly payments.

money is usually paid by hmrc directly to your bank account.

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parents have complained that they have Noticed the short payment in his account.

Here we explain what is happening.

Why has my child benefit payment been reduced?

bank holidays for Queen’s Jubilee Weekend Child benefit payment dates have been affected.

The amount you receive won’t be affected – but you may see a lower payment than usual, followed by another payment for the rest.

Some parents are being paid child benefits in two phases.

The first payment for some is affecting bank accounts today (May 27) and is worth a week’s worth of profit.

The second payment will be accompanied by three weeks of child benefits.

Here are the important dates that you need to know.

When will I get child benefit payment?

in an update on official websiteInformed about payment changes.

Usually, payments made on Monday, May 30 and Tuesday, May 31 will be made early.

If you get paid every four weeks and you were expecting a payment on Monday, May 30, you’ll get:

  • One week of payment on Friday, May 27
  • Three weeks remaining for payment on Monday, May 30

If you get paid every four weeks and you were expecting a payment on Tuesday, May 31, you’ll get:

  • One week of payment on Monday, May 30
  • Remaining three weeks of payment as on Tuesday, May 31

Those who get their payment weekly will get it one working day earlier for the normal amount.

So those expecting to pay on Monday, May 30 will get it on Friday, May 27.

And those who are usually paid on Tuesday, May 31, will get paid on Monday, May 30.

Parents may find that child benefits will soon stop altogether.

the gaint stops on 31st August when the child turns 16 And you have to tell the government whether they are continuing education to get cash.

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Meanwhile people with higher incomes may have to pay back some or all of the money.

here is What you need to know about the high income gain tax charge If your income exceeds £50,000.

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