Will my pay be affected by the Queen’s Jubilee Bank Holiday?


With the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, thousands of people could be paid sooner than expected.

If your payday falls between the 2nd and 5th of the month, there’s a chance you’ll get your dough as the UK prepares for tomorrow. Bank holiday Weekend.


Is your payday coming up early this month?credit: getty

The queen is celebrating 70 yearsSit on the Throne with Your Platinum Jubilee On the first weekend of June.

a new bank holiday It has been added to the calendar to mark the occasion, meaning the country gets an extra day off – and that could mean an early pay day for some.

But as exciting as it can be to get some cash earlier than expected, keep an eye on that expense—you don’t want to drop your salary too early.

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Bank holidays can affect your payday because banks are not open to process or transfer funds on your normal payroll date.

Often this happens, your bank will process your payment before it even closes.

Your workplace won’t tell you whether your pay will come quickly, but you can ask your human resources department to confirm.

It’s not just salaries that could come as early as this week. many people who get benefitsState pension of universal credit Payment will also be made soon.

we have scored all payment dates you need to know.

To keep your spending on royal ceremonies down this weekend, we’ve listed a few tips that will get you sorted.

making plans

It’s tempting to blow your money when you’re paid early, especially during a bank holiday filled with Victoria Sponges, Popped Fizz, and lots of other Jubilee treats.

At the risk of running out of money for the rest of the month after the break, it’s best to start planning for spending.

Hargreaves Lansdowne spokeswoman Sarah Coles said: “That doesn’t mean you should give up on the idea of ​​celebrating altogether.

“However, it’s worth starting the bank holiday weekend with an idea of ​​what you can spend while still having enough left over to stay on top of your costs for the next month.”

Many sites, including Money Helper, The Balance, and Money Matters, can help you plan a budget.

One trick is to withdraw the amount you’re able to spend in cash, and leave your debit and credit cards at home if you’re out.

keep your bill payments separate

You may feel more relaxed knowing that you have set aside money to make your payments. Bills As you get ready for this weekend.

Withdrawing money from your current account for bills to pay for the holidays means you don’t have to worry about spending it on festivities.

“However tempting you are to indulge, make sure you can still cover the essentials,” Coles said.

You don’t have to spend much to doe fun

one of the most important secrets about budget Don’t you have to spend a fortune to celebrate well.

Many supermarkets and restaurants are offering specials this week to celebrate the anniversary, so look around and see what deals you can get.

Morrison For example, this week it’s cutting its wine prices by only £10 with some special fizzies.

Coles said: “If you’re shopping for more people than usual, it’s worth spending half an hour on supermarket websites figuring out your cheapest options.”

Are there any other bank holidays to watch?

Although the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee bank holiday has been extended to this June, it’s not the bonus day you’ll get in the year.

It’s always best to keep payments and expenses in mind as we approach the long weekend because it’s easy to separate when you’re paid early.

Here is a complete list of bank holidays in 2022 that may affect your payday:

  • Tuesday, July 12 – Battle of the Boyne (Northern Ireland only)
  • Monday, August 1 – Summer Bank Holiday (Scotland only)
  • Monday, August 29 – Summer Bank Holiday (England, Wales and Northern Ireland)
  • Wednesday, 30 November – St. Andrews Day (Scotland only)
  • Monday, December 26 – Boxing Day
  • Tuesday, December 27 – Christmas day (replacement day)
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