World’s largest car manufacturer Toyota issues global recall – is your car affected?


Toyota has issued a recall for one of its cars after a problem with its wheels.

The car in question is available for sale in the UK and the US and is the latest Toyota model to be released.


bZ4X has been recalled globally due to faulty wheelscredit: Toyota UK

bZ4X is a fully electric SUV. We have already driven it and it impressed us with its location and comfort.

The car has been on sale for some time now but the first examples are due to be delivered to owners in the next few weeks.

This recall would mean delays in reaching customers of those cars.

The issue is with the wheels and although the problem was not found on the British model, Toyota has decided to initiate a global recall.

A Toyota UK spokesperson said: “The issues were not in the UK, but rather than recalling cars there, we have made the safety decision to recall all cars globally.

“The problem is with the wheel bolts which can work loose in some situations.

“The customer cars here have not been delivered yet, so all the cars affected will be sorted first.

“This may delay delivery”

Toyota isn’t alone in recalling its cars—recalls are quite common, in fact.

Tesla recently recalled half a million of its cars for an issue.

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Despite Toyota being the world leader in hybrid technology, the bZ4X is the firm’s first all-electric model.

It comes with a range of over 280 miles in the FWD version and around 255 miles for the AWD model.

80% top-up on 150kW charger takes half an hour.


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