You’ve been shopping at Iceland all wrong


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A frugal mother has uncovered a little-known trick she uses to save over £100 a year on her Iceland shopping.

Susan McAloon of Spanimoor in County Durham signed up for Iceland Bonus Card When it was first released in April last year.


A frugal mother has uncovered a little-known trick to save over £100 a year at her Icelandic getty

card offers Iceland Buyers make cashback every time they load money on it – and as a reward, customers get extra money on top of what they load.

Cardholders get an additional £1 for every £20 they transfer to the card – so if you have loaded £100 on the card, you will have a balance of £110.

Susan, 50, says she has saved around £100 since she started using the card a year ago, and regularly uses her bonus to shop at a discount.

She said: “I think some people can save their bonus to use it for their big Christmas shop, but might not know that they can use it on their weekly purchases.

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“I know that at our local store, the staff usually says we’re the only people who do it.”

Customers can obtain the Iceland Bonus Card by picking it up at their local store and registering it online.

card can be both used online And in storeAs well as free cash it offers users special product discounts.

It works like a prepaid debit card. Once you’ve loaded cash you won’t be able to turn it off – and you can only spend it online or in-store in Iceland.

If you do not use the card for 12 months it will be canceled – you will lose any money on it.

Iceland will not refund you if your card is lost or stolen and the balance is spent. But they may be able to transfer the balance to a new card if you notify them as early as possible.

Always read full terms and conditions before applying.

likewise Tesco Clubcard Scheme, Bonus Card users of Iceland can purchase products at a cheaper cost than non-users.

In some cases the savings are up to half the price. For example, shoppers can use their bonus card to get a four-pack of Sultana scones for 64p instead of the usual 89p.

A Cathedral City Cheese and Ham Pizza is £2 instead of £3 for bonus card users, and the Robinsons Double Strength Summer Fruit Squash is 25p cheaper at £1.75.

Susan, 50, said having the card has helped her budget because she can pre-load money on it before making purchases.

However, she points out that sometimes it can take a day or two for the bonus cash to show up on the card – so it’s worth topping up before you head to the supermarket if you want to take advantage of the extra money.

She said: “I tell everyone about it – the people I work with, family and friends.

But, she said, all the extra money went to her two sons, Jake, 19, and Harry, 16.

“I have kids, I don’t have any extra money. They take every penny,” she said.

Icelandic customers can get free delivery on in-store orders over £25 and online orders over £40.

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